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Having an Equipment issue?

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These are our frequently asked questions

-First, ensure that there is power to a machine - no display means no power.

-Second, ensure that each quarter falls into the coin drop and registers.  If it hasn't registered (counted down the display) the quarter is likely stuck in the slot.  Press the coin return several tiems and see if your quarter(s) comes out, then try again.

Some machines require 2 coins in the wide slots (Twinsburg top load machines, Northfield Wascomat machines). These machines cost 2.50 so you'll have to put 2.50 in the coin slots.

My washer will not start.  It says on, but it's not doing anything.  Or, I put the money in and it's not doing anything.

       - Check the door handle.  Often, closing the door handle fully to the left (Dexter washers), or pushing in completely (Wascomats), or even opening/reclosing the lid (top load washer) - will resolve the issue. 

My washer has no water.

      - There are two causes for no water, generally.  Sometimes, calcium deposits build up on the water valve preventing it from opening fully.  Try a different setting...Warm uses both hot and cold valves so that is your best bet.  Additionally, occasionally debris will get caught in the drain valve.  If the drain will not close, the washer will not fill with water.  Unfortunately there is very little we can do about this until it happens.  We are able to start some machines at some stores remotely, so you may have to move your items to a different washer and start over.  We realize this is inconvenient and we apologize.

Do you have free dry?

      - Have you ever heard the phrase "There's no such thing as a free lunch?" Well, there's definitely no such thing as free dry. Go to a free dry store and notice that the prices to wash are generally 2x what it costs to wash at a store (our stores) that has no free dry. We are not interested in being deceptive. We have no "free dry" because free dry is a lie. 

How much does it cost to wash? How much does it cost to dry?

      - Each store is different and depends on the washer and/or dryer. Please look at our pricing page for complete information.