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About Malinowski Laundries

Our mission is creating space for Love to be experienced in the world.

Can one really create space for love to be experienced by doing laundry?
It has been our experience that Love is.  It is all around us, all inside us, in everything that we are and everything that we are not.  It is like water to a fish. A fish may not necessarily know that it is in water, it may in fact be concealed from it's view.  Love may be that way for us. We create space. Within that space Love is present and experienced.  Today, we do this by doing laundry.

How does one create space for love to occur?
There is no true answer to this question - it may occur differently for you. Through our experience we have found that by letting what is, be, and by letting what is not, be not, space or a clearing arises.  In that clearing or space something can be experienced. We have come to call that experience love.

What does that have to do with laundry?
We purchased the Chestnut Laundry in the fall of 2008.  My wife, an avid audiobook "reader" was reading the book "The Secret" while she went for her daily run.  Thinking about what she really wanted in her life, she thought about time - more time for family, more time for the things she considered important to her.


Laundry is not something that is important to her.

She thought, "If I could save the time I spend doing laundry every week, that would add five hours a week to my life.  There should be a service where you can schedule a pick-up of your laundry and have somebody wash it and bring it back to you folded."

Somehow, that ended up in us purchasing the Chestnut Laundry, and then the Middle Avenue Laundry (with attendants).  We do offer drop off and pick up laundry and we also seem to have less available time now than ever. 

We intend to allow you, the customer, to book your pickups on our calendar and we'll come to your house, pick it up, wash it, and bring it back to you folded.  Our web interface isn't quite there yet, so you'll have to call to schedule that service as of now.